Rubber Tree, Burgundy (Ficus Elastica) in Melbourne

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beginner friendly low light office plant

The beautiful rubber tree (Ficus Elastica) is distinguished by its glossy burgundy leaves. They prefer bring to indirect light, and can tolerate a small amount of direct sun. They are very low maintenance and make a great inclusion to any indoor area. We stock rubber tree plants right here in Melbourne for quick delivery.

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1-8 feet for indoor plants, depending the pot size. Mature plants can grow to 100 feet in the wild.


Bright, indirect light, avoid direct sunlight.


Every 1-2 weeks (Keep the soil moist) in the spring and summer. Water once a month in the winter.


Best growing conditions are 17°C-28°C


Potting soil with good drainage and high organic content.


Fertilise once a month during growing season with a slow release fertiliser.


Use a pot with drainage hole. Pro tip, keep in a smaller pot to restrict growth.


Mildly toxic to cats and dogs, sap can cause irritation to skin.