Heart Leaf Philodendron

beginner friendly low light office plant
The perfect beginners plant. The Heart Leaf Philodendron is a hardy climber that loves indirect sunlight. It can either hang from a basket, or climb with florist tape. Fully mature plants will reach 4 foot in length. For best results, water every 7-10 days in warmer months, fertilise ever 1-2 months, and back off during winter months. It is considered toxic to humans and pets so keep them out of reach from your pets and little ones.

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Mature plants will reach reach 4 feet in length


Bright, indirect sunlight, also fine in low light conditions.


Every 1-2 weeks (keep the soil moist) in the spring and summer. Water once a month in the winter.




Potting soil with good drainage and high organic content.


Fertilise during growing season with a slow release fertiliser.


Perfect for hanging baskets, along a shelf or grow pole


Mildly toxic to dogs and cats